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Sedhoom DIRECT is a well-known kitchen-use goods retail brand in China. Amazon is our only Online sales channel in Europe and America. At Sedhoom DIRECT, our business focus on intelligent home kitchen products.

Since Sedhoom DIRECT only concentrate on one business filed, so we are more professional than others. The concept of Sedhoom DIRECT is concentration and innovation. The goal of Sedhoom DIRECT is to provide better kitchen expresence for all of our customers.

“Sedhoom DIRECT” belongs to Jingtu Agricultural Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd which is a group company and has more than 1000 staffs in China.

Company Name: Jingtu Agricultural Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd

Company Address: Donghualu, Xinshiqu Ximianjianshedadao, Nanbianjintiandasha A12J Heyuan Guangdong 517000

Phone: +86 13238347987

Contact name: Sky Hu

High Quality

For us, innovation and quality mean everything. We provide the latest in premium quality Kitchen&Home products and accessories. Every single Sedhoom DIRECT product is brand new and precision manufactured to meticulous standards all over the world.

Professional Design Excellent Outcomes

When creative designers meet exacting engineers, the outcome is amazing. Driven by a passion to create perfection, our team transforms concept to stunning reality. At Sedhoom DIRECT, innovation is only the first step on the journey that ends with 100% satisfaction. We want each product to be nothing less than perfect.

Fast and Secure Delivery every time

Every single order is shipped safely and securely from your local fulfillment center. With global distribution network spanning to 200 countries, your package can be tracked online straight from warehouse to your front door anytime.

Quality Commitment

You deserve a fantastic product experience and total peace of mind. Our commitment to customers means that every product is covered by 12 month comprehensive warranty. Our highly trained Customer Service professionals are also available to provide dedicated support When anytime you need it.