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[12 in 1] Onion chopper pro lets you chop vegetables with ease. Press the lid to cut food directly into container without mess of knife and cutting board. Comes together with effective cleaning accessories : cleaning claw and brush.

[Superior Quality] Made of food grade ABS materials, Sedhoom 2020 newest onion chopper is more stainable for long-time using. Heavy-duty stainless steel blades are sharp enough to cut most kinds of vegetables and fruits.

[Humanized Design] The bottom of container possesses 4 non-slip feet, firmly sucking countertop for stability. Enlarged capacity of container is convenient to clean and store. All blades can be stored in the container when not in use for no disorder, losing and damage.

[Easy Clean] Use claw and brush to scrape and sweep off residue on the press plate and the blades. Rinse, dry then place it well.

[Safe to Use] Blades are ultra sharp. Please be in strict accordance with the instruction and pay attention when assemble or disassemble. Avoid installing violently and using blades on inappropriate ingredients, which leads to blades bend or damage. We stand behind Sedhoom Chopper Chopper 100% for 24 months and offer 30-day money-back service. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any issues with the product.

Sedhoom 2020 Newest Onion Chopper Pro

What Does Sedhoom Care?

Rather than earnings or profits, our biggest concern is customer’s shopping experiences. Your satisfaction is the source of energy for the growth of Sedhoom. Feel free to contact us if you have any issues with the product.

Multi-function vegetable chopper

Effortlessly and lightly press the lid, then quickly cut, peel, dice. No pressure! Good helpers in the kitchen, loving gifts for family and friends, healthy and decent.

More efficient design

Are you still using traditional kitchen knives to process ingredients? Multifunctional onion chopper helps you save time of dicing vegetables in the kitchen! Allow you to enjoy food faster.

Easy cleaning

Dedicated blade-cleaning brush to clean up residues so as to avoid scratching your fingers, fast and convenient.

Durable professional food chopper

The quality of the materials is ensured, durable. The container is smooth and free of impurities, the blade is sharp and does not rust, and it is convenient to exchange for a more comfortable user experience.